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6 September 2017

United, Not …

The Chilean composer (Ortega) wrote a song:
‘The people united will never be defeated’
based on a shouted slogan for social change
under the great Allende (three months before 
he fell to Pinochet). It was the time
of uniting classical music with popular 
melodies and the instruments of folk.
The American (Rzewski) then created
a piano opus: thirty-six variations
on the theme. And now on Labour Day
in Australia we shout the slogan, changed:
‘The workers united will never be
divided!’ – although the fact that 
Labour Day happens on different days 
in different States makes you wonder
if Governments are making us 
subtly disunited, or maybe not so subtly 
when you think about many other 
things that go on – like tax breaks 
for huge corporations, like …
well, so much (attitudes and rulings;
erosion of wages, safeguards and conditions)  
which in the end, gradually, without 
bloodshed, make us feel bloody defeated. 

Written for the 'Getting to Work' Labor Day prompt at Poems of Garden Gnomes' Also linked to this week's Tuesday Platform at 'imaginary garden with real toads'.


  1. Interesting that different states have their own labour day...

  2. Divide and conquer. It does what it says on the tin.

  3. Sounds like your government, from top to midway, is almost as messed and mixed up as ours. I remember when Labor Day was celebrated by and for laborers and their efforts. Hear, at least, is almost relegated to being just another bank holiday. I love.the atmosphere and zeal with which France celebrates their Labor Day. May 1 which also coincides with May Day. Getting out of Paris takes about three hours by car on May 1.

    1. Here, here, here -- A thousand times, naughty Spell Corrector.

  4. Yes. United, not so much, and therein lies a huge problem.

  5. It's so intriguing to learn that different states have their own labor day! Beautifully penned.

    1. However my poem is a bit misleading. Those different Labour Days are holidays, but we do have May Day marches around the country too.

  6. Still, Labour United ... I believe this is true. When everyone is ready, the great social media will bring it all together. Love reading about the travels of the famous saying.

  7. Not so subtle, indeed... methinks.

  8. Extremely well put. All I can say is, "There was a time..."

  9. The capitalist system, based on more resources, higher costs, more profit is not sustainable for people or the planet. We are in need of a global shift, but meanwhile the system cranks along the same old way, not knowing anything else. Sigh. Scary times.

  10. You have a passionate poets voice... :)

  11. Oh you speak the woe of the divided.. We swim in it here.